Which Mother’s Day treat would your mum love?

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Which Mother’s Day treat would your mum love?

Here at Fantastic Finds we’ve been gathering a great collection of vintage gifts for this year’s Mothering Sunday, with a range of unique collectables that will appeal to all mums!

So what kind of mum is yours?

Is she retro mum, who loves 1950s glasses? If so, she may like these lovely shot glasses with a botanical pattern. Could be included as part of her 5 a day!



And if she’s a cocktail loving mum, here’s a great Mother’s Day Martini recipe:

1oz Berry Vodka

10z Vanilla Vodka

1oz Orange Juice

1oz Cranberry Juice

Fresh berries for garnish

Martini shaker and lots of ice

Chill the Martini glass in the freezer, pour the berry and vanilla vodkas, the orange and the cranberry juices into a Martini shaker filled half full of ice and shake until well blended. Pour into your chilled Martini glass and serve.

Of course, if your mum prefers an alcohol free Martini, you can always substitute the alcohol for extra juice!

Recipe courtesy of themartinidiva.com

Or maybe your mum is more of a ‘cup of tea’ mum?

6 Cup Brown Betty Teapot

And would love this vintage Grindley, Royal Petal Malborough China tea set?


Perhaps she’s the kind of mum who loves beautiful piece of ceramics?  This Art Deco 1930s waisted vase could be just the thing.

waisted vase

If cake’s top of her list, wouldn’t it be fab if she served her cake with this engraved silver plated cake slice?


Along with a set of vintage Meakin tea plates featuring the 1960s Riverside design, perfect for any afternoon tea!


Of course, every mum loves a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers! Whatever kind of mum your mum is we wish her a very Happy Mother’s Day.






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